Monday, January 25, 2010

Applications For Plexiglass Sheets

A Plexiglass sheet is not really a glass instead it is a type of clear plastic acrylic. Many people use this plastic acrylic because it is much more resistant than a glass and it also does not break like ordinary glass does. It is much more resistant to heat and cold. The only problem in it is that plexiglass sheets can chip, melt, smear and scratch easily. As a matter of fact, it is very prone to chipping if it is not cut properly.There are some different saw blades that can be opted to cut plexiglass sheets. The incredible thing about using plexiglass sheeting is that it is easy to handle. Its flexibility is very good and also its strength. You might not need a glass cutter in order to cut a plexiglass sheets into pieces.

Because of its synthetic composition, it is helpful in avoiding unwanted cracks which occurs due to mishandling. Some other advantage of using plexiglass sheeting is the fact that it allows more advanced designs. This lightweight polymer helps us in building windows or any other transparent structures in shapes that can not be achieved with the glass. Plexiglass sheeting is very strong and it is much more resistant to impact than a glass. As a fact, it is also used in some anti-riot police shields. In basketball stadiums, plexiglass sheets are being fitted into the backboards of a basketball hoop in order for those in the crowd who are directly facing the hoops to be able to view the basketball game unobstructed. Plexiglass backboards do not shatter like earlier glass ones, thus the toughness of these sheets has been proved beyond doubt.

With its greater flexibility and resistance to impact, no wonder plexiglass sheets has redefined the architectural designs in today’s innovative world, while also being used for a variety of other purposes. Adding glass in different architectural designs is a hard job. Since glass is brittle, the need to customize the design of glasses in order to fit which is best suited. There is also the danger of breaking the glass which can be damaged by a little mistake done by a worker. Cutting glass takes a lot of time, so glass may not be the best bet for an intricate and complicated design. Plexiglass sheeting is much easier to cut and easy to maneuver into position.