Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plexiglass - Strength, Clarity and Safety

Plexiglass is also known as acrylic. The use of glass is becoming less and less because of its breakable quality and difficulty in handling, that’s why most  people avoid using glass and go for plexiglass sheets instead.

These plexiglass sheets provide a durable, high impact resistant shield where they are used. Acrylic has other uses also such as they can be washed easily, if broken it don’t harm anyone. Plexiglass sheets come in extruded, cast, cell cast, clear, colored, textured, tinted and mirrored.

Plexiglass sheet is a material with unique physical properties and performance characteristics. It weighs half as much as the finest optical glass yet is equal to it in clarity and is much more impact resistant. Acrylic sheet is made in over 250 colors and it can be molded in any texture and shape and size. These sheets are light in weight and can be transferred to any place easily, and are easily transportable.

It is quite simple to understand  why people are giving plexiglass a preference over glass for these days. There are many other qualities in these plexiglass sheets such as the variety of colors, shades, shapes, various products such as rods, jars, bullet proof sheets etc, can be made from these sheets and the cost is much cheaper than glass.

Plexiglass sheets are not affected by moisture, and remain transparent under adverse conditions. These can be used as window pans, frames for paintings etc. and can be easily heat formed without the loss of optical clarity.

So if someone is going to buy these plexiglass sheets, it is highly recommended to go through websites related to this subject, these websites can improve the buyers knowledge and also can help the buyer to make an informed decision after a thorough comparison of rates and quality of these sheets among the sellers and can help in getting the best deal available.